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Detailed tournament rules in English

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PostWysłany: Sro Lip 29, 2009 11:28 am    Temat postu: Detailed tournament rules in English Odpowiedz z cytatem

We played few tournaments following “our” rules that will be presented below. As long as our Dark Eden community is alive they will evolve about single cards and combos. Cards limitations apply when multiple (at least 3 players, not team, nor 1:1) people games are played.
These rules are a mix of English cards texts and rules, tournament rules, FAQ from Mr. Winter site, discussions on forum and ourself common sense.
Remember that on tournaments there is no 'I always played it my way...' explanation. Tournaments rules always apply!


English texts

Interpretation is based on English text.. Polish translations aren’t so accurate and the same could be applied to other national editions.

Be loud

During your turn you have to annouce loudly beginning of steps (for game process and card play timing): draw step, actions step, balance step, attack step, raid step, discard step. Your end of turn have also to be annouced, so next player will exactly know when to start drawing cards.


In case of controversial issue such as who played card first, the initiative is always on current player side. It is not applicable for attacks and raids, where sequence is described in details in DE rules.

Deck building

Deck have to be at least of 80 cards.

Cards limited to 1 per deck:

- Plague
- Traitor
- Lost potential
- Peacetime

Cards limited to 2 per deck:

- Food shortage
- Fuel shortage

- You can have only one Storehouse in your Turf (you can have more in deck, but only one at time).

- You can have only one Payment up Front + Robbed Blind combo in your deck. You can have up to 5 Payment up Front OR 5 Robbed Blind cards, but then the second combo card is limited to 1 copy.

Game setting
Game setting up starts with placing Commanders; they must be played by all players at the same time. If two or more players have the same Commander, they start without Gold Reserve.
While drawing before the first turn of the game you can draw only 7 cards regardless of your Commander abilities; i.e. Hussein and Gabriel’s .
Before drawing your starting hand you have to anihilate the top card of your draw pile.
During first turn you can not perform raids. You can normally perform attacks. It is allowed to play A Small Victory and gain VPs in the very first turn of the game.

Game begins

Game begins with Player1 turn. He can play 'at any time' card only in his Perform Action step (AFTER drawing). Game is beginned since Player1 play any card or make any action.

Draw step

During draw step nobody can play cards, even current player. Players are allowed to play cards after current player Draw step; i.e. Josef Gabriel: you will have to wait until current player decides how many additional cards he is going to draw, pay for and draw them.

Perform Actions

Mustering warriors thanks to Notre Dame in any other step than Perform Action is still considered an action. According to this, if any warrior is mustered in this way, you can not play Melancholy, Back from the Brink, and so on.

Warband and Borderlands

When constructing your Dominion clearly state where is your Warband and Borderlands. It must not be in the same position as stated in instructions, but they must be easily recognized by the other players.


To visually indicate to the other players the members of a group, put them together, one on the other, leaving discovered names and CVs. At the same way warriors who are not in Groups should be placed separately, to avoid any problematic issue caused by other players perspective.

Prophecies, Rituals

You can play multiple Prophecies and Rituals cards at the same time. If applicable, they are cumulative (i.e. two The Defiance cards will give CV*4 in defense).

Balance step

Balancing is made in the following way:
- first you have to spend blue icons to cover all red icons of the cards you want to keep
- if you are short of blue icons you can pay 2 Gold Units per red icon from your Gold Reserves in order to Balance a card. If you have not enough Golds in your reserve you HAVE TO discard a card with red icon(s) that you can't afford.
- even if you have enough blue icons you can discard any card with red icon - not matter if it's warrior or establishment – you don’t want to keep.
- AFTER balancing cards you can add your spare gold icons to your Reserve and eventually place spare icons in Storages.

Attack step

Each attack is treated separately. You can’t start a new attack until the previous one is resolved.
CV modifiers are counted at current moment and are depending on specific game time situation. E.g. it is not important that Jihad Infantry Trooper had +2CV for Cavalary in the same Warband, just second ago. The cavalary had been killed, transfered, anything else so the modifier also dissapeared.

Raid step

Each raid is treated separately. You can’t start a new raid until the previous one is resolved.
CV modifiers are counted at current moment and are depending on specific game time situation. - E.g. it is not important that Ore Deposit had 10CV, because it was placed next to Security Station, just second ago. Station disappeard raided in previous raid, destroyed by Terrorism, anything else so the modifier also dissapeared.
First you annouce Raid Target. Then you annouce Battle Tactic. Then you wait a moment for other players, because there is several cards/tactics to use BEFORE raiders are annouced (most common is Transfer Orders). After this small break you have to annouce the Raiders.

Stopping a raid in progress

The current player can withdraw from a raid (before annoucing Raiders) without any consequences.
If the opponent is able to stop/interrupt the raid by: transferring any defender to Borderlands, making Target impossible to raid and so on - announced Raiders stop the raid and can not raid any other target in current turn. The only exception is the removal of the Coastline card from an Establishment during raid by sea. The raid continues with Sea Tactic. If this raid fails, no other Sea raids could be performed on this Establishment. This exception goal is not to weak more the Sea Tactic.

Discard step

You can play 'at any time' (and ‘during your turn’ if in your turn) cards in this step. You can even ask to the current player to wait a moment with discarding, so you can play a card.
After discarding a card and before next player Draw step there is a time to clean up the game table from expired cards (Rituals at end of turn, Peacetime, Focus inward, and so on).

Neighbor allowance

In rules this characteristic applies only to the number of adjacent establishments.
In "samples and synopsis" chapter Mr. Winter added "...including Commanders..." to neighbor allowance description. So it applies to the number of establishments and commanders adjacent to establishment card.

CV bonuses

1. If there is 'when attack/raid just/only XXX they gained YYY ability' text it means that YYY ability is given to every XXX. For example one Rivetbull gains +2CV in raid, one Gommorrian Emasculator is able to raid twice if first raid was successful, and so on. It doesn't mean that single warrior gains bonus as it was in Group. The Group is something different than 'just/only XXX', it is few XXX in the Offense/Defense Group. So a single Fusilier has 2 CV, but in Group with other Fusiliers he has 2+2 CV.
2. Bonuses and limitations 'in the same Warband or Borderlands' means that they applies to one Warband OR one Borderlands. For example there is one Eclipse Mammoth in Warband and one in Borderlands. In Warband there is also Jihad Infatry Trooper. Jihad gains +2 CV for Mammoth in the same Warband, but DOES NOT gain CV bonus for Mammoth in Borderlands. Another example: There is Mammoth in Warband and Prophet in Borderlands. The Prophet can be attacked, because in the same Borderlands there is no other warrior. Mammoth is in Warband so it is NOT considered in this case.

Permanent cards

Permanent cards abilities are superior to any other cards possibilities. Nothing can affect their abilities till they expired. Those cards are: Driving Winds, Rough Seas, Torrential Downpour, Peacetime, Focus Inward, Food Shortage, Fuel Shortage, Pacified.

Exceptions card

Rampage! and Dishonorable Discharge as cards with effect on single warrior can be played during Attack/Raid step, but outside conflict (the beginning of each conflict starts with the announce of the attack/raid target).
Food and Fuel Shortages, and Notre Dame (in case of mustering warriors) can not be used during all Attack/Raid steps. There is NO time slot to use these cards between Attack and Raid steps.

Considered warriors

Warriors 'considered' something (i.e. Gendarme Bestal) does not gain abilities, CV, icons or anything else of the referenced warriors. The only expections are when considered a Propeth or a Patriarch. In this case 'considered' warrior gains only the ability to cast Prophecies/Rituals respectively. In any other cases 'considering' gives only bonuses for other cards. For example Kommendants gain bonuses for Shock Soldats as for common Soldats, Gendarmes for Bestals (as for Gendarmes), Cavaliers for Heavy Cavaliers (as for Cavaliers) and so on.

Further destiny of played cards

Each intrigue card remains on the game table till its effect is expired independently on its post-play icon (attach, discard, annihilate). In most cases there is written directly on the card description how long its effect takes. Any other case will be described in hereby rules.

Modifying attack/raid

Even if in current 'modyfing cycle' no one plays a card, it doesn't mean that the conflict ended. After each player pass new cycle can be started. Conflict ends when all players cleary state that they will not modify at all

Playing card process

When a card effect is in process, no other cards can be played. Example: opponent plays The Best Laid Plains or Recycle: you can not play any cards, even if they are 'at any time' cards, until the effect is resolved (find a card, annihilate cards from draw pile). It is not a strict rule. You should just use common sense. One thing is play Hidden Riches and add 5 Golds to your 300 during opponent's Recycle, and totally different thing is when you play a modifier during conflict, while opponent plays The Best Laid Plains. Remember, first The Best Laid Plains then modifiers. Cards which take a while to play are: The Best Laid Plains, Recycle, Back from the Brink, Never Again, Lost Potential, Fresh Start.

Annihilating your own cards

If you have 0 or 1 card in your Draw Pile and you have to annihilate cards because of other cards effect (Suffer the Consequences, Recycle...) you are obligated to annihilate what left of your Draw Pile, then shuffle your Discard Pile creating 'new' Draw Pile and annihilate the number of cards left from the card effect. If you don’t have enough cards in both Draw and Discard Piles, you are not allowed to play cards which obligate you to annihilate cards from Draw Pile.


In the game rules there is the "No playing backwards!" sentence. Think Again is able to break this rule, i.e. you can play Think Again on Payment up Front when you have no gold, you can play it on Lost Potential which says that opponent already controls your cards.

Multiplying/dividing base CV

Several cards that 'double/divide base CV' can be played on single warrior (Berserk, The Howling Is Upon Us, Battering Ram, Fumble). The formula to calculate its CV is: CV=CV*(2+2+2+...) in case of multiplying and CV=CV/(2+2+2+...) in case of dividing (and rounded down,beacause it is how Fumble is working). Effect of Fumbles and 'doubles' dismantle, i.e. Holy Urox with Fumble and Berserk has still 11 CV.

Cards and combos

This card is annihilated!

Blessing, or Curse?; Rough Seas; Memorium

None of these give CV modifiers.

Strafe Attack + Transporter Corarius

Strafe Attack allows Transporter Corarius to attack by Land.

Food/Fuel Shortage

You can not play it during Attack/Raid steps, there is no time slot to play it between these steps.
During Shortage effect any other intrigues which affect Cavalry/Vehicle and allows it to attack (i.e. Rampage!, Strafe Attack), raid (i.e. Onslaught), Group creation (i.e. Ambush), transferring (i.e. Transfer Orders, Mastodont Handler) can not be used.
If a Group is made of just Cavalry/Vehicles has CV 0! What is more, modifying it has no effect. No matter that Holy Urox has 11 or 111 CV, its CV does not contribute to the Group's CV total.

Brethren Unite, Call to Arms

CV of each Group member is increasing +1/+2. I.e. We have 3 Nassals in the Group; when Brethren Unite applies each of them has 4 CV, when Call to Arms applies each of them has 5 CV.

Cain Mornour

Each warrior who doesn’t attack in the current turn can raid twice.

Cain and Blitz

Their effect is cumulative: every Cain’s warrior is able to raid 4 times per turn with Blitz.

The Cost of War vs. drawing cards

The Cost of War vs. Hussein: each Cost makes a player draw one card less. So in case of one Cost player draws 7 cards, 2 Costs draws 6, 3 Costs draws 5.
The Cost of War vs. Prosperity: they effects dismantle.
The Cost of War vs. Gabriel: with 3 Costs, by paying 9 Gold Units a player draws 7 cards. If he has 5 cards on hand and 3 Costs, he can pay 3 or 6 Golds and draw one or two cards more. He can not pay 9 and draw to 8 cards. Generally The Cost of War and drawing cards effects dismantle.

War Room vs. The Cost of War

War Room does not protect against The Cost of War.

Cut Off

The sentence “One of .. warriors” means that there must be at least two of them to play this card. If single warrior performs a raid Cut Off is not applicable. The Cut warrior can not participate in more raids this turn (unless any special abilities of course, like Blitz's). If because of others cards effect (Traitor, Bribe...) there is only one raider left, it is not allowed to play Cut Off on him.

Desperate Actions, Brick by Brick

Playing them means that VPs are lost/not gained.


Add this sentence to the end of the card: "This card will also affect victorious Groups (even Defense Groups)."

Flammen Soldat

When the Flammen Soldat attacks, its CV is doubled. This modifier is applied AFTER all others.

Gomorrian Emasculators

They can:
- raid twice even if a single Emasculator participates in a raid
- raid a Commander in a second raid, no matter how many establishments are in a Turf
- if several Emasculators raid successfully, they can raid adjacent cards separately (i.e. first raid: 3 GE, then one GE raids adjacent Bazaar, the other 2 raid Deep Mine)

Infiltration, Scared Tear, combo Jaeger Commandos+Transporter Corarius, 2nd raid of Emasculators

Any target is legit. Even next to Minefield, Sanctuary or under Crescent Musk.

Camouflage, Veiled Dart

Their effects apply for whole Raid step on single defender/Defense Group in each Borderlands. 2 Camouflages allow to penetrate Dominion with 2 defenders/Groups in Borderlands. If a defender appears in the Borderlands during a raid, Camouflage can be played and raid will continue. Camouflage and Veiled Dart sneak also past warriors with the ability to prevent raid from any Tactic: Scout Cavalier, Palanquin Airvessel, Cossack Scout, Greymourn Trenchartillery, Predatorian.

Lutheran Triad Cavaliers

All of them gains +1 CV for any other Cavalier (or warrior considered Cavalier) on the same Warband/Borderlands. They are never affected by negative modifiers to their CVs. Positive modifiers can be played on them and they are affected. Cavalier does not gain +1 CV for itself.

Suffer the Consequences

Player 1 has Suffer the Consequences in game, Player 2 plays his own.
Player 1 has the right to annihilate Player 2's Suffer the Consequences immediately. Player 2 can not annihilate Player 1's Suffer the Consequences until Player 1 decides not to annihilate Player 2's Consequences immediately. Of course if Player 1 is not able to use his Consequences (less than 3 Gold Units), then Player 2 is allowed to annihilate Player 1's Consequences.


In case of raid Bribe can be played after announcing raiders, in any moment of raid. So you can modify, wait for opponent to play Potential and then bribe warrior with Potential. Bribe has immediately effect. You play it, say which warriors you bribe, pay for it, and discard it.


Melancholy ovverides also Commander's CV bonus for adjacent establishments.


Martyr is not annihilated if he wins combat while defending

Motivated Troops, Blitz

These cards double the number of attacks/raids: i.e. allows Grinder to attack 8 times, Holy Urox to raid twice OR attack twice, Torrent Battle Wagon to raid 4 times OR attack 4 times.

Our Will Is Beyond Measure

This is a kind of improved (+2), attached Potential. One Will affects many warriors (if you pay enough Gold Units).

Nothing to Lose vs. suiciders

Nothing to Lose declares that 'warrior may not be killed'. On the other hand Martyr and Scared Tear have text 'it will be annihilated' after they attack/raid, regardless if they were killed or not. In this case Nothing to Lose doesn't protect them.
But when they are attacked, thanks to Nothing to Lose they could not be killed, so they are not defeated, so their ability 'If defeated in combat, it will also be annihilated' is not applicable. In this case they are protected by Nothing to Lose.

Notre Dame, Valpurgius Arrives, Countess Alexandra Spetz

These cards allows you to ignore one red icon on each applicable card separately - i.e. on first warrior food icon, on second fuel icon and so on. In each turn they allow to ignore different icon - it is always player choise - i.e. in first turn ignore fuel icon on Corarius, in second turn raw material icon.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame let ignore one red icon on itself. Red icons on it have to be balanced by blue icons, like any other red icons. Only if there are not enough blue icons they can be payed with Golds. Notre Dame does not allow mustering during Attack/Raid steps and between them and also during Draw step. Player can not muster warriors during his turn if he played Melancholy, Back from the Brink or placed a marker on Boot Camp. He still can muster them during other players’ turn.

We Have to Eat, Salvage, Human Shield

Warriors who are targets of these cards are dead bodies: they don't need icons, they are not balanced, they can not be transferred and so on.

Prisoner Work Camp vs. annihilators (Malevolence, Flammen Incinerator)

There is no chance to discard, so there is no chance for Work Camp to get prisoners. Killed warriors are annihilated, not stored in Camp.

Prisoner Work Camp

Warriors in Prisoner Work Camp don't need icons (they are not balanced). Plague has no effect on them (they stay on the Work Camp).

Boot Camp

You can choose General affiliation while playing Boot Camp.

Palanquin Airvessel

This vehicle has also Land tactic!


Player have to pay initial cost from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 99 gold units. If there is Prefabrication yard in the turf, player just declares CV for Minefield (from 1 to 99 CV). Minefield does not protect from Scared Tear, Infiltration, Jaeger+Corarius combo and second raid of Emasculators. If Minefield is located next to Barricade or Sanctum, it's the raider who chooses what to raid.

Propeth, Patriarch

If in the same Warband or Borderlands there are only Prophets and/or Patriarchs, they can be attacked. They are the last warrior to be attacked, but it doesn't mean they are inviolable.


This card gives an additional Balance Step. It doesn't matter if the target player has just made one or is going to make it.
Player can play it on himself. The 'At any time' sentence allows to play it during a conflict and discard warrior/establishment because of the newBalance Step. I.e. Vault is the target of the raid, Misappriopriation is played on player being raided: thanks to his new Balance Step he can discard Vault. Raider doesn't gain VPs, and his warriors that were raiding Vault can not raid any other target in this turn.

Think Again!

TA has to be played IMMEDIATELY after the target Intrigue played by the opponent. I.e. I can’t play Think Again while the opponent is spending golds for his Potential, I had to do it immediately after he played Potential. Any Gold Units spent to play/use the effects of the target card are lost: i.e. Terrorism, Dishonorable Discharge and so on. Meaning of this interpretation is not to weaken TA (" I'm playing Plague and mustering a warrior!"), but to make playing TA really 'immediately'.
In case of intrigues, where Gold Units can be spent during time like Potential, number of GU lost depends on players cold blood. While "Potential on Mastodont, I'm playing 3 GU and win, ha ha!", it is hard to play TA in the middle of this sentence. So TA is played after it and the victim losts 3 GUs. If the Potential-player would play Potential and wait for reaction, he wouldn't loose GUs after Think Again.
TA can not be played on intrigue which is revealing other players’ cards after cards are revealed. Revealing is 'any other action during game' mentioned above, so it is too late to play TA.


When placing cards in Storehouse player doesn't pay Initial Cost of those cards. So Payment up Front is not applicable on such actions. When player is playing card from Storehouse 'as he would play it from his hand' then Initial Cost is payed. Cards in Storehouse are not included in the limit of cards to draw. I.e. player has 4 cards in Storehouse and 4 in hand. He can draw up to 7 cards as usual. Modificators (and other cards) can be played from Storehouse during raid on it, but not after Storehouse has been successfully raided (i.e. it is impossible to play Demolition Plans from Storehouse on this Storehouse).

Vault vs. Payment up Front

Vault doesn't protect from Payment up Front.

Vault vs. Share the Wealth

Vault does protect from Share the Wealth.

A Small Victory

If your warrior has been attacked (so it happens during other player’s turn), and you win and successfully play A Small Victory, then during your next turn you have to skip both Attack and Raid steps.
If you performed successfully attack and played ASV during your turn then:
- you can continue your Atttack step and perform more attacks during current turn
- you skip your Raid step during current turn (this is first Raid step after ASV)
- you skip your Attack step during your next turn (this will be first Attack step after ASV)
- you may perform Raid step during your next turn as usual.

Focus Inward

You can't play Focus Inward if you have no other cards in your hand to annihilate. After playing Focus Inward you have to annihilate a card from hand immediately, even if Focus doesn't work because of Think Again. Cards from Storehouse can't be annihilated after playing Focus.

Drought (Piryte, Heavy Maintenance, Fuel Spill)

These cards have to be balanced during first applicable Balance Step. It has to be balanced by blue icons, as any other card with red ones. If there are not enough blue icons (i.e. only Commander in the turf), then it is payed by Gold Units from Gold Reserve. If you have other cards require food (fuel and so on.), you can balance them AFTER balancing Drought (Spill and so on.). So if you used all your resources to balance Drought, you have no choice but to discard any other card requiring food (fuel and so on.).
If the player has not enough resources to balance Drought (and so on.), it is discarded instead of being annihilated and you have to discard any other cards required food (and so on.). If Denied is played on Drought (and so on.) it is discarded, not annihilated. It is only annihilated after it is properly balanced.


First - you play it, you can play cards on affected beast as on your own warrior (i.e. Charge).
Second - it has no effect and does not depend on warrior's number of attacks. It allows 'free' additional attack. So if the warrior attacks during current turn it is still possible to play Rampage on him and 'allow' him to attack once again, and once again...
Third - if Rampage has been played during Action step attacker and target can't be transferred till combat ends, because you have to 'conduct combat normally'. Other intrigues as Transfer Orders are still applicable.
Fourth - affected warrior is still limited to attack legal Defenders, so he have to attack Templar Legionnaire first, Prophets/Patriarchs last, Mastodont can't attack other Crescentia warriors and so on.
Fifth - Rampage could not be played during Food Shortage

Hospital vs. annihilators

Hospitals prevents from annihilators. Only if Hospital owner doesn't want/can't pay for killed warrior, the warrior is annihilated instead of discarded.

Hospital vs. Prisoner Work Camp

Hospital is superior to Prisoner Work Camp. If Hospital owner want it and has enough gold, he may use Hospital and take warriors to his hand. According to sentence 'instead of discarding them' Prisoner Work Camp can be used only if Hospital owner doesn't want/can't pay for killed warrior and is going to discard him.

Bait and Switch

Similar to Focus Inward: annihilating cards is treated as 'initial cost'. If Bait and Switch is affected by Think Again, you still have to annihilate 2 cards from Draw Pile.

Death from Above, Amphibious Landing

Affected warriors gain additional tactic icon and still can use their normal Tactic set, i.e. Trooper is still Trooper and so on.


Basically, SHIELD protects an Intrige card from "Outside Influeces," such as other Intrigue cards like DENIED. SHIELD does not prevent a card from being discarded or annihilated if the card's instructions specify that it must be discared/annihilted in order to be used. So for SOLIDARITY example, SHIELD will not prevent it from being discarded, because the SOLIDARITY card gives specific instructions that it must be discarded after it is used.

Mastodont Handler

Affected beast has to be in the same Warband/Borderlands as Handler and will be transferred inside Dominion. He can use his ability at any moment which is useful in case of unsuccessful attack/raid . He can't transfer a warrior affected by the traitor card, because the traitor is no more in the same Warband. Handler can't use his ability during Food Shortage.


Immobilized warrior still requires his red icons, but he can be never discarded because of lack of resources.

Lost Potential

It allows to discard/annihilate any number of specific opponent cards in his hand. Its use is limited only by the number of Gold Units spent. Lost Potential owner decides which cards to discard, which cards to annihilate. He can just have a look on opponent's cards and give them back to opponent without discarding/annihilating any.

Watch Tower

Raiders tactic has to be used: i.e if Zhurgon raids from air, then he can't be attacked by Land, although Zhurgon has Land tactic. If Tower's owner warrior wins, then this warrior stays on Borderlands, but the raid is continued by the remaining raiders. This warrior prevents other eventual next raids (if he has applicable tactic).


Defenders affected by Ambush are limited to Group's rules (i.e. Solitary can't join Group, Razide can join only other Dark Legion warriors and so on.). Ambush can be played after that all attackers, defenders and combat tactic are announced. 'After' means that it could be played also during modifications. The combat Tactic have to be common to all warriors of the formed Defense Group.


If Confusion is played during conflict on the Group involved in combat, then this combat immediately ends as un unbreakable tie. No one is harmed and the combat can't continue. Attackers involved in this combat can't attack again this turn (unless special abilities, cards and so on.)

Necrobionic Torrent

Necrobionic Torrent's owner have to specify which warrior will be affected.
The Protection and Nothing to Lose protect from Necrobionic Torrent.


'Any raid' means that it can be played even during 'single raider' raid. In such case raid just ends.
Traitor transfers to Borderlands after raid. During raid he is somewhere. Not in raider Warband, not in defender Borderlands: i.e. there are only two Gendarmes in Warband and they are performing raid. They have 4CV+2CV for 'friend'. Then Traitor is played. Traitor disappears from Warband, so he adds only 4CV to target CV. Raider has now 4CV, because there is no more 'friend' in the same Warband.
After playing Traitor, it stays on game table till the end of the conflict. You can't play I'll Take That on it. After the raid the traitor (if survives) is controlled by player who was defending. It's not important who played Traitor card.
During the raid the defender can't play cards on traitor as he is his warriors, because the control passes AFTER the raid. Well, during the raid no one can play 'on your warrior' cards on traitor. 'On any warrior' cards (i.e. Tactical Superiority) can still be played on traitor and his modified CV is added to raid target CV.
If traitor is killed later during the game he goes to original owner Discard Pile.

Transfer Orders

When Transfer Orders is played during combat on single defender or single attacker, combat ends as un unbreakable tie. Attacker used his attack this turn and can't attack more (unless special abilities and so on.). If Transfer Orders is played during combat on one warrior of a Group, the combat continues without him; if such warrior is transferred again, he will not come back to the Group (join a Group is an Action, so it must be made in Action Step).

Visionary Decomposition

First - it is Visionary Decomposition which gives another warrior abilities: i.e. when it runs out (i.e. Denied, Survival of The Fittest during conflict) then our Emasculator turns back to Nassal again.
Second – “exact copy” means CV, tactics, red icons and special abilities.
Third - affected warrior can be altered at any time, not necessary while playing Visionary Decomposition. For example you can change your Nassal into Emasculator after Balance in order to be able to afford him, or during conflict to add some CV.
Fourth - 'any INFANTRY in play'. So while using Decomposition ability this warrior has to be in play, not in Work Camp, not as Human Shield, but as a working warrior in play. If this double disappear later from play, it will not affect altered warrior. Your Nassal will still be Emasculator, altough all 'real' Emasculators are killed and not on game table.
Fifth - 'excluding all attachments'. If there is Emasculator with Shrieking Frenzy in play and you alter your Nassal into Emasculator it becomes Emasculator without Shrieking Frenzy.
Sixth - 'attachments remain in effect, except...' You have Nassal with Necrobionic Mutation and Shotgun and you are altering it into Undead Legionnaire; for Undead Legionnaire Shotgun is working and Mutation is not.


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PostWysłany: Pią Wrz 11, 2009 11:38 am    Temat postu: Odpowiedz z cytatem

Feel free to correct my spell and grammar errors.

Thank a lot lucal83. Your contribution is very valuable.

You asked about 'shortages' rule about group's CV during shortage.
Shortage says: Cavalry/Vehicle CV do not contribute to the Group's CV total. So if you have a group created from two Mammoths, each Mammoth CV doesn't contribute to the Group's CV total, so the Group's CV total is 0. If you play Berserk on one of them he has 10 CV, but this 10 CV still doesn't contribute to the Group's CV total. So we translated it to a general rule: while Food/Fuel shortage Groups formed from Cavalries/Vehicles only have 0 CV and their CV can not be changed.


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Ach, marsza?kiem by?....
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PostWysłany: Wto Wrz 15, 2009 2:07 pm    Temat postu: Odpowiedz z cytatem

no problem at all, it has been a pleasure.

now that i read more carefully the texts of the shortage cards i understood the rule Wink
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PostWysłany: Pią Paź 22, 2010 1:51 am    Temat postu: Odpowiedz z cytatem

Good work Stawik! Your summary of rules are universal, because they're well tested by us, and will be helpful for gamers who's visit our community.

Thank you!

Greetings lucal Wink

Temu dzid? !
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